Ett smakprov från Dhalgren av Samuel R Delany

Under dessa väntans tider ska ni få ett smakprov. Det avslöjar ingenting viktigt för handlingen, men vill du bli lika fnissig som jag när du läser det i boken, så ska du så klart inte läsa det här, nu.

Huvudpersonen Kid kommer in i parken för första gången:

That wasn’t buildings on the other side of the street: Trees rose abocve the park wall, black as shale. Loufer headed toward the entrance.

”Is it safe in there?”

”Looks pretty scary.” Tak nodded. ”Probably keep any criminal with a grain of sense at home. Anybody who wasn’t a mugger would be out of his mind to go in there.” He glanced back, grinned. ”Which probably means all the muggers have gotten tired of waiting and gone home to bed a long time ago. Come on.”

Stone lions flanked the entrance.

”It’s funny,” Tak said; they passed between. ”You show me a place where they tell women to stay out of a t night because of all the nasty, evil men luring there to do nasty, evil things; and you know what you’ll find?”


Tak glanced over, pulled his cap visor down. ”Yeah.”

(s. 21)


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