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Jag minns min Neverwhere

”…Somewhere not far inside him was the fear – the stark, utter, silently screaming terror – that if the got too close to the edge , then something would take over and he would find himself walk to the edge of a clifftop and stepping off into space.”
– Neverwhere av Neil Gaiman, s 49

”His father had died quite suddenly when Richard was still a small boy, of a heart attack. His mother died very slowly after that, and once Richard left home she simply faded away: six months after he moved to London he took the train back up to Scotland, to spend her last two days in a small country hospital sitting beside her bed.”
– Neverwhere av Neil Gaiman, s 55

”As a child, Richard had had nightmares in which he simply wasn’t there, in which, no matter how much noise he made, no matter what he did, nobody ever noticed him at all.”
– Neverwhere av Neil Gaiman, s 57

”He had gone beyond the world of metaphor and simile into the place of things that are, and it was changing him.”
– Neverwhere av Neil Gaiman, s 307

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